Vintage Metal Art specializes in creating custom tin signs for your home or business. We can design your signs with your own logo and artwork or we can create your sign from scratch for a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!

What kind of tin sign can you create for me?

We offer several different types of custom sign services:

  1. Customize the text and/or colors of an existing sign from our catalog (with or without your images)
  2. Send us a picture of what you’re trying to achieve and we will replicate it as best we can
  3. We can create a custom tin sign for you completely from scratch

How long does it take to create my custom tin sign?

It depends on what custom service you are receiving. The fastest way to order is to customize an existing sign from our catalog. Custom stock signs are proofed within 2-4 business days and once approved, they are printed and shipped within 48 business hours. For signs made from scratch (or replicated signs) take approximately 7-10 days to receive your first proof. If you need additional changes to be made, allow a day or two between tweaks. If we nail it the first time, then we are good to go!

Are you busier during the holiday season?

Yes, we are! The holiday season is our busiest season for designing custom tin signs. In order to guarantee a timely arrival during the holiday season, please plan on submitting your order a minimum of 4 weeks before your desired delivery date.

Can you put a RUSH on my custom tin sign service?

The short answer is probably not, as custom designs do take planning and designing time to create something truly special for you. However, if you are on a true compromised deadline, we welcome you to reach out and ask. We will work with you as best we can to achieve your goals.

Can I use my own images on my sign?

You sure can. We are happy to incorporate your images into your custom sign. After all, it is your custom sign.

What type of images do you need for my logo or pictures?

Please keep in mind that the quality of picture you send us will directly affect the quality of your custom sign. Therefore, we ask that you send us the highest resolution image that you have of your desired picture. Jpeg images would ideally be 300 dpi. For logos or your own custom designs, it would be ideal to send us the original art files (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw). If your original art files are not available,  any other vector format would be the second best choice. If you’re not sure if what you have is good enough, you may send us an email and ask us to check your image for you. Oftentimes what looks nice on your computer is not at all appropriate for printed materials.

Can you clean up a bad image for me?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. We do offer a complementary light clean up for your custom images and we also offer a more advanced clean up service, as well. However, it is important to keep in mind that we cannot make a bad or blurry picture look much better or less blurry. Complementary light clean up service would entail: touch up light scratches or lint, improve red eye, lighten/darken slightly. Advanced clean up service would include: removing a person or thing from the image, extensive scratches or lint, fixing distorted lighting areas, etc.

Do you have any examples of custom tin signs you have done?

We sure do! You can visit our online gallery for some of our favorites here: Custom Sign Gallery