Traditional Anniversary Gift Giving

Traditional wedding anniversary gifts take the mystery out of gifting for each wedded milestone, as well as empower us to gift confidently. We gift with confidence when we know we have something truly special to share with our loved ones. With the 10 year anniversary gift traditionally being a gift of tin or aluminum, a Vintage Metal Art anniversary gift puts a retro twist to a traditional gift and creates a new and true classic.

All of our original artwork is also now available in gallery wrapped canvas. With our museaum grade cotton canvas, it makes an ideal personalized traditional 2 year anniversary gift.

You may be asking, where did traditional anniversary gifts come from? Traditional anniversary gifts became popular during the Victorian Era in the United Kingdom during the 1800s. This fad soon gained popularity in the US by the early 20th century. Elaborate anniversary celebrations and extravagant gift giving have never gone out of style since.  

With Vintage Metal Art style gift giving, old tradition meets the new tradition with our original and personalized custom artwork. We've proudly created full lines of anniversary designs that specifically lend themselves to highlight your own couple style. We believe your 10 year milestone should be a custom masterpiece to memorialize this momentous event. 

Each custom piece is created by hand with the intention of becoming a new family heirloom. Using the best materials and archival inks, your artwork is built to last a lifetime, as any heirloom should.  Each custom piece has the option of four holes in the corners - or not - to easily become a new fixture in your home.

Vintage Metal Art custom artwork is meant to be shared with all of the most meaningful people in your lives, including yourself. Why wait for the next special occasion, when you can celebrate an amazing event today? Let's create a truly outlandish tin sign or an exquisite canvas to commemorate your wedding anniversary, a new birth, the college graduate or for a very special thank you to someone who changed the course of your life. 

No matter what the event, you can give the gift of Vintage Metal Art with certainty and pride that you're giving a gift that will be thoroughly enjoyed and keep on giving year after year.